Happy St. Patrick Day!!!!!! ♣:-)

Happy St. Patrick Day, everybody!!! I’m wearing green cause its my favorite color(and I don’t want to get pinched) so, I hope you’re wearing green too!!! If you’re not, then you a goin get pinched… A lot of times, y’all. (Also, I’m not southern, I just like to say “y’all” a lot.) So, remember this […]

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I’m Back!!!

Hey everyone, I’m back and better than ever!! Sorry for the Delay in my blog, I’m grounded from the computer, so I can’t blog on it, so I’m using my Tablet. I’m goin post about my day after this one, so look out!! I also have a YouTube channel called “MasterVid13.” I really hope you […]

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Post 1- My Day

Hey, everyone. I’m happy to have my first ever blog. It’s really cool so far. Especially since my ankle is sprained and I can’t go to school Monday. I guess it’s not a total lost. It’s still pretty cool, though. It’ll be healed in a week or two. So, it’s fine.

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