Zombie Week 3.0 Trailer 3

The days of the Zombies return is coming….. Coming sooner and sooner, and guess what? It’s time for a special sneak peek at what’s to come in episode 4 of the Zombie Week 3: Back Again. Check out the “Tyler and The Society” series on my blog. Enjoy.  *”Hey, hey what’s going on?” said Jason. […]

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Central & Noah Crossover Trailer

Are all of you ready for double greatness?….. For double the new shows?…… For double the trailers?….. Wait, this is just one trailer, a crossover one. Oh, yeah. Anyway, ARE  YOU READY FOR THE UP-COMING NEW SHOWS: Central and Noah?! I know I am! Double the premieres equal double the greatness. With Central comes four […]

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