Noah Season 2 Premiere

*3 Weeks Later* “Carly, calm down!!” yelled Noah, running away from her. “Listen, I know you’re still struggling with the zombies and queen and power, but get this in your hand! You’re my friend, you need to calm down! Carly, Carly nooo!!” *3 Weeks Earlier* “Sorry you have to leave. When you’re better, come back.” […]

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Kevin Lock: The Storm- S2, Episode 4

*Pen City; Saint Public Park* Kevin was up against a wall, not knowing where was he. “Alex? Alex!” Alex was still down, with Northstar picking him up and chaining him to the wall. “Nice try, hero” said Northstar. “But we both know that you’re going to die–” “Peter Ton!” Northstar stopped dead on his feet, […]

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Nation United- S3, Episode 4

*Hero Nation* “Hello again” said Kevin. “How’s everyone doing?” He took his hood off and started hugging his Hero Nation friends. “We missed you, dude” said Alex. “How’s it goin?” “Oh, yeah” said Kevin. “I need your help. I have this new villain in my city who’s more powerful than me. I met him when […]

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Tyler & The Society- S3, Episode 4

A man was running through the streets, hoping to catch someone else off guard. But while he tried, another person stepped in and kicked him to the curb. “Please, please!” said the victim. “I’ll pay you back, I’ll pay for everything!” “Yes you will, child” said the other. “Goodbye.” He grabbed a knife and struked […]

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