Kevin Storm: Episode 3×03

“I can do this. All I need is to focus my power and my energy and focus on recreating it” said Kevin. He was trying to meditate and get back the powers he lost, but with no process. He stopped, thinking that he may never get them back. “Kev, hang on” said Tyler, “I mean, […]

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Tyler & The Society: Episode 4×03

The Society is an organization of teenagers who will do whatever they can to defend their city. Together, they will fight monsters, new threats, and help out friends in this new Season, and they won’t stop until they do! Welcome to “Tyler & The Society”! *Episode 4×03: Findout* Halloween. October. Creative City’s favorite holiday as arrived, […]

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League of Titans: Episode 2×02

The League of Titans is a group of superheroes dedicated to protecting Note City from the dangers that threaten it. Along the way, they will face their past, problems in the present, and villains never seen before. And now, they have no idea of a new villain who has kidnapped their friend: David Peak, a.k.a, […]

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Kevin Storm: Episode 3×02

Lily is the hero of Pen City now. I’m not. I don’t know what to do for my life anymore and so, I decided to do something else. Spend time no longer being the Storm, stop being a hero, and being a normal, human kid in high school. As much as I don’t want to […]

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