Noah Episode 3×03

“Hey, Rory! Iris! Guess what I just got?” Noah said, really excited. “You got an autograph from Markiplier himself?!” Rory said. “James Bond signed your shoes?” Iris said. “No,  not yet. One day, but not yet. No, I just got a job at Chick Fil-A! Yeah!” Rory and Iris went back to their phones. “What? […]

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Long-Time Rivals 2 (Part 1/5)

It’s been a few months since I defeated Ross and saved my friends and family… But the thing is, I didn’t do that alone. Instead, I had help from my friend, Alex. But he got stabbed by Ross in the process, forcing me to go full on, Hulk on Ross. I got Alex to the hospital […]

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League of Titans Episode 2×09

The world set on fire and in ruins. The only ones left was the League of Titans, and they were fighting Axe and his creations. “Axe! When did you start making monsters?!!” Yelled Wing, bringing down another one. “Axe!! Answer me, now!” “Tom!!” Tom turned around and saw the others, about to be killed. “No. […]

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