The Rocketter S1, Ep3

The first day of the job is never easy. But turns out, for me, it was the hardest job I’ve ever worked on before. Stopping a crime is one thing, but saving an entire city? That’s a pretty big job. Especially when it’s your first day of being a hero. Example? Right now. I’m patrolling […]

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High School Tyler S5, Ep3

“I don’t know where this rumor start from” Tyler said. The new crew were looking at a poster that said Here’s a secret exposed! Tyler F is related to Rachel T, and they dated! Gross, right? “I  seriously do not get this” David said. “Who in the world would do this? By the way, this isn’t true, […]

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Force of Heroes S3, Ep3

A portal opened up and shot out four people: Charlie, Tyler, Phil, and Diana. All of them landed hard and got up. “Is everybody okay?” Charlie said. “Yeah… I think so.” said Phil. “Speak for yourself, Phil! My back is probably broken in half.” “Well, lets just calm down and–” BOOM! An explosion was heard […]

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Tyler & The Society S5, Ep3

“If I’m going to become a hero for this city, then I’ll need a costume, police scanner, weapons, and a ride.” Tyler said, looking at his wall. “Well, I got a ride and a weapon. Now for the police scan…” Tyler looked in his closet and searched for a police scanner, which he found after […]

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The Journey of the Magic S1, Ep3

“I feel so weak and terrible” Alan said, trying to put his book bag on. “I don’t have any strength.” “Seriously, Alan?” Sarah said. She was on the phone with him. “Listen, Alan. all of the fire students lost their magic. It’s being investigated. Until then, you’re goin’ have to calm down and try to […]

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The Rocketter S1, Ep2

Struggling, hating, and Shuffling. I don’t know where I am or where I’m going, but I’ve been taken away. Here’s the real question: why me? Because of the Dig Family, or because of its past? I need to know, and fast. Episode 2: Legacy, Part 2  Oliver was taken out of a sack and thrown […]

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High School Tyler S5, Ep2

“This is a very, very tricky one” Tyler said. The entire student body. Two people left to join the crew. “Alright, I have David and Rachel, so that’s two people. I need two more people, a guy and a girl. Can’t be all guys, right?” “Um, Tyler? Who are you talking to?” Rachel said. Tyler […]

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