The Arrowheads™ Episode 1×1 (Series Premiere)

So, here is how my day started out. It was fine, I got up to a fantastic sunrise, my favorite shirt was cleaned, and I had a great breakfast. That, and I also had a great bus ride and I sat down next to my crush. MY. CRUSH. Who can say that and also say it was ‘great’?! No one but me! But you know, the day turned sour when, um… When six monsters attacked my home planet. Yep. Six. Gotta start this story somewhere, right? Episode 1×1: Welcome to the Arrowheads, Part 1

WARNING: if you are reading this and has signs of: a trail that leads monsters towards you in the outside world, can turn an ordinary pencil into golden sword, has an past with a dead parent or guardian, or can drive ANYTHING first go, then stay away. You are one of the Arrowheads, kids/teens/adults who are born by the ten immortal Arrow People. There’s Green, Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple, Black, Silver, and Gold. I’m part of the Green Arrowheads, also known as the most powerful Arrowheads. Well, next to Red, Blue, and Yellow. These are the core four powerful Arrow People. Oh, by the way, I’m one of the only Green Arrowheads. There are only four in total. 

But back to the matter at hand. The first monster came at me around my second period, which was Spanish. Now? Nothing. “I am seriously bored right now” he said. Oh, crap! Right, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Kai Green. (Yeah, yeah, ironic. I get it.) Alright then, back to the story. “I don’t know how I'[m goin’ get through the day” Kai’s best friend said. My best friend in the world, Scott Kiel. I never go through a day of school without this guy. Well, until I went to the academy. Anyway, this is how the monster attack. All of the students were minding their own business when I was asked into the hallway by two guys. I walked into the hallway and once we were out of sight, they turned to me. 

“We finally meet, Mr. Green” they both said. Kai looked confused. “I’m sorry, but who are you two?” He asked. The two students grabbed each other’s hands and a cloud of smoke appeared and once it cleared, revealed a giant, two-head dragon whose fire was blue. “What. The. Frak?” Kai said. The dragon stood tall and proud, looking down on Kai. “Face our wrath” it said. Oh yeah, I forgot. It was two monsters. Just shared a body. Oh man, that sucked so much. The dragon spewed its blue fire at Kai, who managed to dodged it at the last second. “What the heck?!” He said. Suddenly, he felt something that he was gripping onto: a sword. “What?!!” He yelled. The dragon spewed more and more of its fire at him, and that’s when something in Kai went click! He ran up to the dragon and deflected its fire with his sword. “What the heck am I doing?!!” He kept asking himself. But suddenly, he knew exactly what to do.

Kai dodged his way underneath the dragon’s stomach and injected the sword into his gut. Once done, Kai took the sword out as blue gel gushed out of the dragon’s stomach. It fell down, and Kai stood up, covered in blue gel and tired. “How the heck did I do that?” After that, my sword turned to normal and the blue gel I was covered in and the dragon disappeared in smoke itself. I went back to my class and just tried to have a good day afterwards… But it wasn’t good after that. More and more monsters attacked, and the last one is what I’m goin’ tell you all about. Because that monster led me to a place I never knew existed before: the Arrowhead Academy. Next Wednesday: Kai reveals the rest of his story. The Arrowhead Academy comes to light as Kai searches for answers regarding his, um… ‘Monster defeating’ side that he never knew about. All of this is in ‘Welcome to the Arrowheads, Part 2’. 


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