High School Tyler™ S5, Ep4

“I know, I know. Tom Hardy is just fine, my good man.” Tyler said. He was on the phone with an old friend, who was upset over the choice of Venom. “Listen, listen. I know you don’t like him as Venom, but–” The guy yelled over the phone and Tyler hung up. “He’ll be fine. I hope.” Tyler went to fourth period and saw there was three words on the board: Secret of Life. “Hello, class. Today, we will learn about the secret of life.” “Geronimo” he said. Episode 4: The Secret of Life

“Tell me, does anyone know what is the secret of life?” Tyler’s history teacher, Mr. Calling, asked the class. No one knew, but Tyler raised his hand. “Tyler?” “People change people?” “Yes. That’s a part of it. The secret of life isn’t really a secret at all, but a lesson. A lesson that helps prepare you for life.” Mr. Calling went up to Tyler’s desk and looked at him. “Do you think you’ve changed someone?” Tyler looked at him and the rest of the class. All of them were looking at him. “I- I- I don’t know.” Mr. Calling gave Tyler a marker. “Go up to the board real quick and answer a question.” Tyler was confused.
A while later, Tyler went home and immediately started to do his project. “Tyler? What’s going on?” His mom asked. “Not now, mom. I have a project to do by this Friday. It’s Tuesday, so that is three days away. Need complete loneliness for the rest of the night. Love you, night.” Tyler closed his door and got to work. But back in fourth period, he was in front of the board. He saw David, Rachel, Josh, and Devyn looking at him. “Answer this question, Mr. Funderburk. ‘Life is what?'” Tyler turned to the board, but didn’t write anything. “Well? Do you have an answer for us?” Tyler looked at the board and put the marker down. “I can’t answer this question. Because life is whatever you want it to be.”

The next day, Tyler went to class with his project. “Mr. Calling, I’m ready to present.” He stood up and chuckled. “Good. Because it’s due today.” Everyone else came in with a project, and Tyler was confused. “What?” “The project wasn’t really due Friday, it was due the next day. Wednesday, today. Would you like to present first?” Tyler looked at his project and smiled. “Yes. I would love to.” The other day, Mr. Calling walked over to Tyler with another marker. “Yes, Tyler. You are right. Life is whatever you want it to be. Whether it’s bad, good, neutral. Doesn’t matter at all. You may sit down now, Tyler.” Tyler sat down, and listen to his teacher. “Life is challenging you everyday of your life. It is giving you choices that reflects how you are as a person. You could decide to give a homeless person a dollar or play music for an audience. Either way, you are reflected by it.”

“Hi. My name is Tyler Funderburk, and this is my project about life. While a secret of life may be ‘people change people’, it is also other a lesson. The secret of life, or secrets of life, are actually one or more lessons. I learned that I can change people for the better. I can make new friends and help someone out. My choices portray how I am each and everyday, and I make sure that in the end, it’s good.” The other day… “I am giving you all a project. Due Friday, I want you to either write a report or make a poster. Present it to the class Friday. You have three days, so get started.” The entire class got with groups, but Tyler worked alone. “David? Tell the others that I’m working alone for this one. I have something to tell.” David nodded and told the others. “Tyler? Can you get some tape from the front office real quickly?” “Tape? Really?” “Please??” Tyler nodded and went off. Mr. Calling then told the students about the project. “It’s due tomorrow, but no one tell Tyler. I want to see if he can do his project quickly and make it worth an A.”

“Life is about making choices and helping others. If you want to, of course. You can either help or not help, and each one has a consequence and a reward. You can help a homeless person and have an reward: helping someone. Or you could not help someone and have a consequence at once: being guilty. You can also have an consequence for helping. You could help someone with a crime and have it be bad. Go to prison, and then see how life takes you on from there. You could not help someone, say with a crime. And be free and not in prison. A secret, or rather ‘lesson’ of life is… ‘People change people’. Another is ‘life is what you make it’, ‘who you are will be revealed when you want it to be revealed’, and many more. May favorite is ‘life is what you make it’, because that’s what all of us are doing right now. That’s my report on life, thank you.” Tyler gave his project to Mr. Calling while the class clapped for him. Mr. Calling looked at Tyler. “‘A’ for effort. And for the grade as well. Job well done, Mr. Funderburk. I know you could do it.”

Tyler sat down at his desk and smiled. “Yeah. Me too.” The rest of the class had great projects, essays, and models of what life is to them. By the end of the class period, Tyler met up with Rachel to talk for a moment. “Life is a great thing, don’t you think? You meet someone, get to know them, be happy with them. While also learning who you are in life. It’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it?” “Yeah, Ty. Trust me, life always challenges you. While also giving you a break.” Tyler walked to fifth period, after gaining a new sense of hope. The Next Episode, Episode 5×05, is a special one. Titled ‘Zombify- Part 1’, Tyler heads out to visit some old friends. But life challenges him in this. The brand new episode arrives soon.


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