The Rocketter™ S1, Ep4

A man has been killing innocent people for a few days now. Each day, it’s one more. Started a week ago, with one. Then two, three, and now? It’s a total of 28 people, killed. But not now, because I finally catch who is this person killing them… And I was shocked and surprised at once. Episode 4: The Experiment

“Now. Where are you?” Rocketter said, looking over the city. He searched for where this killer was, but no sign of him/her yet. When it seemed like he would never find the killer, a woman screamed. Rocketter ran over the rooftops until he saw the killer, pulling a knife on an innocent woman. “You know, killing is a very bad sport.” He yelled to the killer. It looked up as the Rocketter jumped off with his grappling hook and landed. “Let me introduce myself. I’m the Rocketter, the newest hero of Sal City. Who are you?” The killer screeched and ran off. “Ma’am, are you okay?” “Yes, just please catch that killer!!” Rocketter understood and ran after the person.

Rocketter searched everywhere, and used his googles to help him searched for the killer. When he found the killer, he made sure he wouldn’t lose track of the person. “Stop right there!” He yelled, throwing a boomerang at the killer and knocking him down. Rocketter ran towards the killer and uncovered its mask, shocked to learn it wasn’t a he or a her. It was a it. A creature, blood all around the mouth, looking like a human version of a rhino. Rocketter took out a needle and got a sample of blood from the creature and before he knew it, the killer knocked him down and disappeared. “What the heck did I just stop? Or at least tried to stop.” Rocketter grappled away back to his base, where he analyzed the sample.

The killer was not something that I expected. I was expecting a human killer that I could stop, not a rhino human killer who I couldn’t stop at all. Luckily, I have a base of operations that my grandfather seemly left for me. The blood is almost done analyzing, so I have to be prepared for the… Worst. Oliver looked at the computer data and saw the DNA of the killer. “What? Rhino DNA, male human DNA, and cheetah DNA? What is this thing?” Oliver managed to trace a location in the city where the creature was last seen and went off, but not before getting a phone call from his mother. “Hello? Yes, mom. I know it’s 5:36pm. I’ll be home by 8, don’t worry. Promise. Alright, bye.” Oliver hang up and put his mask back on and rode out to the location.

Once he arrived there, Oliver turned his googles onto night vision mode and walked in. The door was already opened and it smelled really, really bad. This is just gross he thought. As he walked in, he saw test tubes filled with what seemed like animal DNA. “Rhino, snake, cheetah, swordfish? What the heck?” Oliver walked over to a computer and turned it on and saw video files. “‘The Experiment. Rhino-Snake Test Subject: 1.0.’ This should be good.” Oliver turned the video file on when he heard someone make a sound. Olive turned the video off and hid behind the computer, and saw the rhino-human killer was back again. It looked at the computer and sniffed it. “Human… Here.” It managed to said. The killer threw the computer against a wall and saw the Rocketter.

“There, there, now. I know you are an experiment that must’ve gone wrong. I know and I think I can help you out with that.” Rocketter stood up and walked around the killer in a circle, and it did the same thing. Both looked at the other, one was more scared than the other. Rocketter took his mask off. “Hey. My name is Oliver, and I can help you become the person you wanted to be again. It may take some time before we can come up with an antidote, but I know with your help and some time, that we can. Come on… Let me help you. Please?” The creature snarled. “I. Not. Need. Help.” It said, scaring Oliver even more. “I am better. I am killer. I… Am… DESTRUCTION!!!” It yelled, charging at Oliver.

He dodged, putting his mask back on. “I guess I’ll have to do this the hard way then.” The Rocketter shot the creature with five tranquilizer darts, but he was still standing. He kept shooting the creature with the darts until it became sleepier and sleepier. After the twentieth one, the killer fell down, asleep. Rocketter sighed. “This city is something else.” Rocketter said, picking up the creature. He made it to a chamber and sealed the creature in it. “I’m sorry.” Rocketter saw the computer was destroyed, so no hope of searching for answers. Rocketter went out the door, but first made a promise. “I promise you… I will find a cure for you one day. No matter what.” Oliver drove his motorcycle back to the base and changed into his normal clothes, and then drove back home. Once back, he went straight into his room and locked the doors. “One day…”

Elsewhere, a man was reviewing camera footage of the Rocketter fighting the creature. “Sir? You have confirmation on the Rocketter’s identity and his weakness.” “Good. We’ll need it for the ending.” The man who was talking to the camera footage person walked into a room and turned the lights on. He was looking at a room, filled with chambers of creatures with mixed DNA. “15 creatures and counting. Once we hit thirty… We’ll raid Sal City and kill the Rocketter from where he stands.” On the next episode, Oliver struggles. In an episode titled ‘Secrets’, Oliver’s life as the Rocketter is threaten when his best friend sees him changing into his suit. 


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