Tyler & the Foes of Manhattan™: Chapter 1 of 5

In order for you to understand the type of story I am about to tell you, I need you to do one thing. Believe in heroes. Can you do that? Yeah? Alright then. My name is Tyler Funderburk, and I live in Manhattan, New York, which is the state that I protect. Yeah, I said ‘protect’! See, I’m a superhero. I use sound waves to my advantage to take down the bad guys and save the innocent in this city. But before we get to that, I need to tell you my origin story. Here we go. Chapter 1: Beginnings

Day: The Night Tyler’s Parents Died. Year: 2005. When I was little, I loved my parents, Thought they were the greatest parents in the whole wide world. But my future in knowing them was taken away one night when two people entered my house and shot both of them. I was in my room at the time, sleeping. So when I heard the gunshots, BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!, I woke up and went downstairs. I was horrified to see that my mother and my father was now dead. The two guys were gone before I could even blink, so I went to both of them and yelled, “Mom! Dad! Wake up!” Next thing I knew, I was outside in a blanket as a friend of my parents, Detective Kenny Jackson, was investigating. “Let him stay with me. He needs a home” I heard he said to the adoption agent. He walked up to me and hugged me. 

Day: Last Month Before Final Exams. Year: 2017… 12 Years Later. The last month of school before Final Exams. I was now 15 years old, and living with my adoptive father and adoptive brother, Jacob Jackson. We never talked much over the years, but knew we had to be there for the other. He lost his mother, I lost both of my parents…. Anyway, there have been reports of a DNA alter machine being created at Tech Labs, a place where scientists can come together and make new things for the human race to use. It would be ready by tonight, and I couldn’t manage to get a ticket. 

“Come on, please?!” I asked Kenny again, for the 16th time. “I have to go, it’s an event of the lifetime!” “No, Tyler. I’m sorry, but it’s too late at night for you to go to” Kenny said. “Anyway, I gotta go on and get back to the police station. Jacob, please make sure Tyler doesn’t go anyway.” “Will do” Jacob said. Detective Kenny left the house, and Tyler sat down next to Jacob. “Any chance that you’ll let me go without telling Kenny?” He asked. Jacob looked at him. “No. You cannot go because if you go, you’ll get in trouble. And if you get in trouble, get in trouble. So, to some it up, NO!” I scoffed and went upstairs, which helped me think of a way to sneak out of the house. I snuck myself downstairs and opened one of the windows. Then, I climbed out of it and locked the doors. “Known me for years and didn’t think about this. Wow.” I said, running to get a ticket for the event. 

Elsewhere at the event, the people at Tech Labs were setting up for the event when noble prize winner, Josh Burns (and my idol!!), gathered everyone together. “Alright everyone, listen to me now! Tonight is the night that we make history and since it is tonight and we will be known all around the world as the creators of the mind-alternating event.” “I’m so excited” whispered Francesca Romano, one of the brilliant scientists of Tech Labs. She was talking to Lloyd Smith, the technical & one of the mechnical engineers of Tech Labs as well. “Me too. Manhattan does deserve a little love, since it’s one of the most used cities that superheroes use to hideout, fight crime, and more. Glad to finally have this event working.” Elsewhere, I was about to get a ticket for the event when someone caught me: Detective Kenny. “Trouble?” “Big.”

“I’m sorry, okay?! But you just don’t understand how fantastic this event is and what it could do for the entire city!” “Tyler, yes I do which is why I do NOT like that they are having it but I am giving it a shot because Manhattan is my home and I refuse to leave until I see it change. Now go up to your room and do not come out the rest of the night, do I make myself clear?” “What?! But Kenny, the event is in a couple of minutes! I have to–” “Now, Tyler!” I was mad. I ran upstairs to my room and slammed my door. I was seriously upset that I couldn’t go, so I went ahead and did one of the only things that relaxed me: sound waves. I like to miss and match sound waves together to make a unique sound (and also bug Jacob a lot as well). But it all started once I was almost done. I turned on my TV and went to the news and saw the alter was malfunctioning. 

“We are getting reports of the DNA-Alter Machine malfunctioning and causes surges all over a 10 block radius!” The news reporter said. I looked out my window and saw a massive wave of energy hit all of Manhattan. My lights went out and when I touch the sound waves I was messing with, it causes a shift in my DNA. It felt like I was being electrocuted over and over again until I was shot at my computer and could barley see. I couldn’t move, just say one word… “Help… Help… Hel…” I was knocked out. I kept opening my eyes are random times, seeing Kenny and Jacob, being rushed to a hospital room, and that’s it. And then, suddenly… I woke up. Stay Tuned in the next few days for the Second Chapter of ‘Tyler & the Foes of Manhattan’, titled ‘Four Months’. Until then, see you next time. 


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