Tyler & the Society S5, Ep5

Remember the day of your own birth? No? No one does. I remember the day I created my hero persona. I became the newest hero of Creative City. My name is Tyler Jackson, and I came up with a name. A name… To help. The Mask. “What the heck are you doing here?” I asked Chase Strange, my partner. Episode 5: The Mask

“I could do so much. So much for this city, and yet, I fail to realize it. I fail to realize that I am a hero, a hero who can stop big bads. I have only been doing little stuff for awhile now but I have taken down Ross, Wave, and Findout… Well, that was with my friends. And he really didn’t die in the end, now did he?” Tyler walked over to his desk and looked at Chase. “Why are you here? Why follow me? No, better question…” Tyler walked up to his face. “How long have you been following me?” Chase stumbled his words, but managed to get a sentence out. “Since the carnival. Can’t blame me.” Tyler walked to his window and looked out at the sun set. He thought about everything…. I thought about everything. People I have defended, people I have killed. What does that make me? A killer? Serial killer? A hero who kills in the end, no matter what? “Tyler…” Chase asked. “Yeah. Yeah, um… Go home. Please, Chase, go home.” Chase looked at him and stood up, then walked over to Tyler. “The Mask. Be the Mask. Sure, I have knowledge about you. I searched through the Society database, I made a compelling argument. But listen to me now….”

I heard his words. He told me the truth: how I was a hero and can still be a hero without the Society. How I’m afraid to get the big bad in the end, even with the Creative City Killer…. His real name was Bret. I never told the others because after that, I found out that Jason knew him. Took me a little bit, but I wasn’t angry. I wasn’t mad, nor was I sad. I was relieved. Relieved that my friend, my… My brother had a heart. He still had a heart and wanted to help Bret. I was going to kill him, I admit it. I really was. After realizing all of this, I looked at Chase. I then went over to my desk and got out a Bluetooth headset and a Bluetooth earpiece. I gave him the headset and I asked him one thing. I know it might seem weird and too trusting, but I didn’t care. “Wanna help me take down the big bad villains of the city?” And Chase looked at him, smiling. “Big time.” The two grabbed hands and Tyler put his suit on. “I’m designing you a new suit, 100%.” “Later. Get the headset on, the earpiece is already working. ” “You got it. And I am working with this?” “Yeah. I searched you up too… 5.5 GPA.”

Out on the city, Tyler… The Mask was patrolling the streets. “Any villains in the area?” “No, I haven’t got anything yet. But a car crash about to happen in 30 secs on West Street. Blocks 2-4.” The Mask jumped into action onto his motorcycle and drove off towards West Street. He saw a train track in the middle and got an idea. “Chase! Hack into the train system and close the railing boards. Hurry!” “I’m going as fast as I can.” Chase didn’t have much time to do this. With five seconds. Four… Three… Two… “Chase!” “Got it!!” The boards closed and Tyler was relieved to see the cars didn’t crash into each other. “Few.” Chase saw a signal on Tyler’s computer and traced it to a location on the map. “Hey, you got anything?” “Um… No, no I don’t.” Chase got out a flash drive and saved it to the drive and then put it in his pocket. “Come on back. I gotta get home.” “Alright then. Same time tomorrow or earlier?” “No idea. Gotta help my family since Christmas is in a few weeks.”

“Wait… Its what?” “Yeah. Christmas is in 3 weeks, dude.” The Mask looked onto the city and freaked out inside. “Oh, no.”…. Elsewhere, James was setting up a surprise of sorts. “This will be the greatest Christmas gift I have ever given before.” “Yes indeed, brother.” As James looked at the gift, he felt something inside of him that hurt to his very core. He saw part of his arm was green and covered it up. “Are you okay?” “Yes! Yes… Don’t worry about me. Just worry about the look on the Society’s face when they receive this gift on Christmas Day.” The Day of Christmas is approaching soon, as with the seventh episode of this season. Titled ‘How it was Before, Part 1’, Tyler struggles with spending Christmas without the Society. Chase tries to help him out and an explosion leaves the base of the Society in complete rumble. This will premiere sometime next week. 


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