Noah Episode 3×06 (Part Two of Three)

“Didn’t see this coming” Noah said. Turns out, his dog led them to the school. “How is Iris here? This makes no sense.” “Well, it is 8:29pm. And I hello mydon’t think she left her house to come to school this late and without her laptop.” The guys walked inside the school as it darken and a voice was heard over the intercom, someone both of them knew. “Hello, boys” Carly said. Episode 3×06: It’s Close to the End! Oh, come on!! 

“Carly! Carly, what’s going on?” Noah asked. “This isn’t like you at all!” “That’s a lie, dude” Rory replied. “Shut up, Rory! Noah asked me!” Carly grew a little more intense. “Now then. Noah, Rory and Iris are trying to separate you and me together, after all these years!” “It’s only been a year” Noah said. “Wow, I can’t believe it’s only been a year.” “It feels like three, right?” “Dude, it does.” “HEY!!” Carly yelled. “Shut up while I’m talking to Noah.” Noah signaled Rory to move to his right and go down the hall, which he did. “What are you doing to do?!” Rory said. “Distraction. Search for Iris and fast.” Rory ran down the hall, looking for Iris.

“So, Carly. Tell me… Why are you doing this exactly?” Noah asked. “I mean, I can have more than one friend. I can have a girlfriend, I can have whoever the heck I like. Well, not all the time and not everyone, but you get my point.” Carly groaned. “Noah, Noah, Noah. You really think you can settle for all of these people? I’m the only one you need.” “Nope, that’s a lie. I need my mom, dad, brother, Rory, Iris, teachers, bosses, I pretty much need a lot of people. But you can still be one of the people in my life that I need, Carly! Just please tell me where Iris is so I can tell Rory.” Carly looked into Noah’s eyes, seeing that he didn’t really need her. “No. Maybe I don’t need you, but… I need myself.” Carly grabbed and threw Noah across the hall, with him being terrified. “Now, Carls, just calm down–” “No! I thought you were my friend, but you never were!!!!” “Yeah, I’m gone. RORY!!!” He yelled, running. Carly chased after him.

Rory still couldn’t find Iris when Noah came running down the hall. “Carly is about to kill me, so I think she will kill you and Iris if we don’t find her and run.” “Noah!! Come on, I just wanna say my goodbyes to you and the others… Permanently!” She crackled. “Alright then, lets move out fast.” Rory agreed. Both of them ran down the hallways, still searching for where Iris was being held. “Okay, Carly is becoming the Joker of real life right now, and I am seriously scared!!” Rory said. “Oh, boooyyysss!!! Come out so I can cut you! Stabby, stabby!!” The guys whimpered. “Library! Go and split up!” Noah said. “But what if she–” “I got it covered, now go!!!” He yelled, with both of them going in.

Carly saw them enter and went left, seeing where Rory was. “Please don’t hurt me!” He said, running. “I don’t wanna die!” “It’s because of you that Noah hates me now and that I hate him! So once I kill you, I will kill Noah, Iris, and everyone you both know and love.” Rory hit a dead end. “Oh, come on.” “There you are” Carly said, standing like the Joker with nothing but a knife in her right hand. She slowly walked up, making a creepy smile. “Geronimo?” Rory said, and Carly charged… The third and final part of this special premieres soon, my friends. Iris will be found, and Noah and Rory makes a decision on what to do with Carly in Part 3 of ‘Carly’s Chaos’. 


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