Tyler & the Society S5, Ep6

Christmas Day rolls around once more. Normally, I’d spend the day with my mom and after that, go and spend the rest with the Society. But since I was kicked out of the society, I realized that I couldn’t do that anymore. I gotta spend the rest of the day with my mom, which I am seriously happy about, but… They were my friends. Best friends. And I miss them… Episode 6: How It was Before, Part 1

Two Years Ago… Christmas Day 2015. “Christmas is a time of wonderfulness” Tyler said to Jason. Both of them were on their way to the Society’s base, where it was Tyler’s first Christmas with them. “I’m nervous, dude. My first Christmas with them; I hope they like their present.” “I’m sure they will, bro” Jason said. “Come on, we’re almost there.” As the two turned the corner in present day, Tyler looked at the corner and sighed. “No more,I guess.” He put his hood on and walked away, but Jason saw him while walking the corner. He sighed. “I miss ya, Ty. Never won’t.” Jason went to the Society base as Tyler went ahead and picked up his mom’s presents. “Tyler, I got something for ya” Chase said over the Bluetooth headset. “Yeah? What’s up, dude?” “Car robbery in 180 street and increasing into 190 street. Getting ready to hit yours.” Tyler went into an alleyway and put his mask on.

“Time to save the… Day.” Tyler saw that the car robbery was dealt with and the cops approached the scene, not knowing who it was. But Tyler did knew who did it. “That was quick” Chase said. “No, Chase… That wasn’t me. That was my old friends.” Tyler put his mask off and walked back home but in the distance, Jason and Francesca could see him. “He’s hurt.” “I know… Francesca, come on. We gotta get back to work.” Jason went into the Society’s base while Francesca followed, upset… 
2015, Christmas Day. 
“Today is a special day” Jason announced to everyone. “Today marks the day of Tyler’s first Christmas here in the Society. I’m happy to see my bro here and cannot wait for what else awaits for us in the future.” “Here, here!” Everyone said, drinking their drinks. Tyler went up and high five Jason, then everyone exchanged gifts. Susan didn’t get Tyler a gift, but Tyler did give her one. “Just a nice gift, nothing more.” He walked away and saw as everyone looked in awe.

Present Day. “You used to work with a group of teenage heroes, who called theirselves ‘the Society’?” “Yep.” “And they kicked you out for some reason?” “No, no. Because the leader of the Society before this version of the Society came back and reclaimed his right as the leader of the Society. He kicked me out and ever since, I’ve been on my own. Well, until you joined the fold.” “Yeah… Well, if you wanna get back into the Society, then I have an idea” he said. “What? What could you have, Chase?” Tyler stand up and walked around his room. “I used to save the city with them, fight monsters with them, celebrate with them! They brought me back to life once. Don’t ask.” Chase kept his mouth shut. “What am I suppose to do now that they’re gone from my life?”

Chase walked up to Tyler and say a sentence that changed Tyler’s sense of direction. “What if I could help you get back into the Society? All you need is to defeat a big bad in the city, and I found one.” Tyler picked his head up and turned to Chase. “No. No, I can’t. It wouldn’t be fair to you.” “Well, I don’t care. I could always join, right?” Tyler realized he was right. Tyler could bring him into the Society and both of them could have adventures with them and still be friends and work together. “How?” Chase pulled out a flash drive. “I have information on a teen who is controlling gangs in cities. Name is James and he is good.” “Age?” Chase hooked up the drive and showed Tyler information on James. “Age is 17 years old. Has a sister and was effected with drugs when he was little. Always wanted to be a hero, but not anymore. Plus, he is in Creative City.” Tyler hugged Chase, then backed away. “Dude, awesome sauce!”

“I know. Now, it’s not–” An explosion was made a few blocks back. “News. Now.” Chase turned to the news and the two of them saw there was an explosion… At the location of the Society’s base. “No… My friends” Tyler said. “That was their base.” Tyler got his suit on and jumped out of his window, landing. “Where are you going?!” “I’m going to save my friends and the woman I love. Navigate me through the destruction on Bluetooth. I believe in you!” He said, running. Chase went on the computer and pulled up footage from the wreckage and saw how much there really was. “Hurry, Ty. Hurry.”
‘Focus on the Present, Part 2’ is coming soon. And with it, shall be revealed: did the Society survived the wreckage? Was Tyler too late? Part 2 arrives in a few weeks… 


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