Everything Will Change. 

I’m creating something brand new for my blog. So as you all know, both Marvel and DC has their own universes filled with tons of characters that everyone knows and loves. And as DC is doing ‘Rebirth’ right now and Marvel is doing ‘Secret Empire’ right now, I wanted to do something else. So after the following shows I created ends (the list is down below), I will be creating an singular universe filled with all of the new shows I’m bringing into the mix. Shows like a new show I’m writing called ‘Apocalypse’ are in a separate universe. What I’m doing is I am creating a universe that involves characters from ‘Tyler & the Society’, ‘Kevin Storm’, and upcoming shows I’m writing called ‘The Writer’, ‘The Arrowheads’, ‘Journey of the Magic’, ‘The Rocketter’, and more will be in an singular universe I am creating. Now in this universe, I will be doing special events like DC and Marvel are doing and the first event I will be doing is ‘Connections’. I won’t reveal too much about it since I have to introduce my other shows as well but when it’s time, I will. Everything will be changing when these following shows end:

  • Tyler  & the Society
  • Kevin Storm
  • Agents of Bionic
  • Force of Heroes

Other shows of mines, like ‘High School Tyler’ and ‘T&N Cases’ will NOT be apart of this universe. Other stories I created like ‘Tyler & the Pirates of Manhattan’ or ‘Tyler & the Foes of Manhattan’ are also NOT included in this universe. They are in their own, separate universes. So that I all I have to say, I will make some of my catergories on my blog into tags, but only certain ones. I’m gonna go write a ‘High School Tyler’ episode now, until next time. I’ll catch you guys later.


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