Noah Episode 3×07 (Part Three of Three) SERIES FINALE!

Last Time on ‘Noah’: Carly has kidnapped Iris, and it’s up to Rory and Noah to find her. But along the way, Carly now thinks Noah hates her and wants to kill him and everyone who made her hate him and him hate her. The guys made it into the school library, but Carly cornered Rory. What will happen? This is the last episode of ‘Noah’. Episode 3×07: The Final Part… The Last Episode As Well. 

“I’m not the only one to make a move!” Noah yelled, kicked Carly upside the head and knocking her out. “Thank you” Rory said. “But cutting it a little close, huh?” “Sorry, but I had to climb! And I knew she’d come for you because she really hates you. I mean, wow!” “We get it” Rory said. A faint beeping noise was heard from Carly’s pocket then. “A tracker” Noah said. He grabbed the tracker and saw where it led to. “This leads to Iris location!” “How do you know?” “Carly wrote down, TRACKER TO SHE-DEVIL, IRIS.” “Wow. Extremely helpful.” “Yeah.” The two ran toward Iris location and once they made her location, they saw she was hurt. “Iris!” Rory said, untying her. Noah checked for Carly.

“Rory? Noah? Thank you.” “No problem since you’ve saved me so many times” Rory said. Iris faint chuckled. “But where is Carly?” “On her way here” Noah said. Carly was limping and was now carrying a gun. Noah quickly closed and lock the doors, then managed to turn his flashlight on. “Be quiet.” He said. Carly walked up to the door and when she tried to open it, saw it was locked. “Noah! RORY! IRIS!! I know you three are in there!” Noah got a pipe and handed a pipe to Rory. “No matter what, shield Iris. We have to protect… Her.” Noah came up with an idea. He went up and unlocked the door. “Noah, what the heck?!” “Shut up!” Carly opened the door and pointed it to Rory, and Noah smiled. “Carly.. I love you. I always have.” He dropped the pipe and hugged her, and Carly started to cry.

“Seriously? No tricks?” “No tricks, no plays. Rory and Iris weren’t right for me, but you are. I love you.” Carly started crying and hugged Noah, and Rory stand up and tried to whack Carly, but she knocked it out of his hands and pointed the gun towards his face. “Noah… Why?” Iris asked. “Because, the butt of the gun is nothing like the grab of the rear side.” “What?” Everyone said. “You know, that famous saying? ‘The butt of the gun is nothing like the grab of the rear side?” Rory realized what he meant. “You’ll teach me that saying later. Anyway, time to die, Rory.” With her finger on the trigger, Rory counter the aim of the gun and grabbed the side of it, then managed to punch Carly down and unload the gun quickly. “You are welcome” Noah said. Carly started to get up, which Noah replied with ‘AAHHHH, SMACK HER! SMACK HER FAST!!’ Iris got a pipe and whacked her across the face. “How do you like it?”

“That’s our girl” Rory said. Noah sat down and looked at Carly, devastated. “She really is gone. No more hope for her left.” “What should we do then?” Iris said. Rory loaded a bullet into the gun and gave it to Noah. “Please… Let it all end.” Noah looked at Rory in shock, but still grabbed the gun. Only instead, he unloaded it and threw the bullets into the corner and the gun into another corner. “No killing. She’s going to a prison. I called the cops right before we got here, they should already be outside now.” “Really? Are you sure–” “Yes, Rory. I am… It’s time we ended it, once and for all.” As Rory held Iris and took her outside, Noah picked up Carly and walked outside, with her hands tied up. They went to the police car and Rory also gave them Carly’s knife and gun, with the bullets loaded out. “Take her someone we can never see her again. Please.” Noah asked. “We will. Promise.” The police captain said. They all got into one of the police cars and were drove home…

Sometimes, you never really know how a person will be later on in life. They could be insane, be sane, smart, evil, good, stupid. But sometimes, they can even be at the point of no return. Or no more… Hope left. I experienced that with Carly, and to this day? Am still upset about it. She was good and my best friend once. What happened? “Hey Noah, wanna get ice cream? On me.” Iris said. “Yeah, um… Give me a sec.” Iris went outside and Noah finished writing about this. I haven’t seen Carly in 2 years. I’m a senior now, about to graduate in a 3 months. May what happen on later in life be great and fantastic. Oh, and Carly? If you’re actually reading this, I just wanna say… Goodbye. The End. I hope you all enjoyed the journey Noah has been through. Until another story in the future, I will see you all in the future. Be careful, prosper, and take care. 


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