Everything Will Change. 

I’m creating something brand new for my blog. So as you all know, both Marvel and DC has their own universes filled with tons of characters that everyone knows and loves. And as DC is doing ‘Rebirth’ right now and Marvel is doing ‘Secret Empire’ right now, I wanted to do something else. So after […]

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Tyler & the Society S5, Ep6

Christmas Day rolls around once more. Normally, I’d spend the day with my mom and after that, go and spend the rest with the Society. But since I was kicked out of the society, I realized that I couldn’t do that anymore. I gotta spend the rest of the day with my mom, which I […]

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Tyler & the Society S5, Ep5

Remember the day of your own birth? No? No one does. I remember the day I created my hero persona. I became the newest hero of Creative City. My name is Tyler Jackson, and I came up with a name. A name… To help. The Mask. “What the heck are you doing here?” I asked Chase Strange, […]

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