Agents of Bionic Episode 2×11

*Two Years Ago Pen City; Kevin’s Universe* “Hey! Look out, woman!” A man said. “Sorry, sorry.” The woman kept knocking into people and saying ‘sorry’, but that didn’t help as much. Finally, one of the people she knocked into didn’t take it and took her outside in an alleyway while no one looked. “You really think […]

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Agents of Bionic Episode 2×10

The story of Jessica Dare is the beginning of a story that focused on what she wanted. No tragic background like the others, no. Jessica’s story has more of a happy start and happy end to it… Almost. Welcome to how Jessica Dare became a bionic agent. Episode 10: Agents Past: Jessica This story starts […]

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Agents of Bionic Episode 2×09

“I feel powerful” Jessica said. “I feel like I could change time! Fly a plane across the world– No. Outrun a plane across the world! Beat the Flash in a race! Which I can’t do because he’s fictional, but still! I just feel so amazing today.” The agents sitting down, watching a movie. “Jessica, we […]

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