Force of Heroes S3, Ep3

A portal opened up and shot out four people: Charlie, Tyler, Phil, and Diana. All of them landed hard and got up. “Is everybody okay?” Charlie said. “Yeah… I think so.” said Phil. “Speak for yourself, Phil! My back is probably broken in half.” “Well, lets just calm down and–” BOOM! An explosion was heard […]

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Force of Heroes S3, Ep2

Tyler opened the door and introduced himself. “Hi, my name is Tyler. Welcome to the HQ for the Forces of Heroes.” The new member walked in and was impressed. “Cool. My name’s Diana. Diana Grayson, and it’s nice to meet you.” “As with you” Charlie said. Him and Phil walked in and welcomed Diana. “Nice […]

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Force of Heroes Episode 2×09

NOTE: Sorry for the delay, had a lot of school things to do. Hope you enjoy, I promise tomorrow will have the season finale. Enjoy Part 2! So say you have six heroes. Three boys, three girls. All live together in a place called home, in Denver. They are only friends, no weird thoughts. They […]

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Force of Heroes Episode 2×08

Every time I think we’ve beat him, he just comes back. Every time, villains, present and past, come and ruin my life. As with my friends lives. Ella Murphy got in the way of Tyler and Francesca, Shift turned a friend against us and took my friend’s mother hostage. But no more. It’s time we […]

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