High School Tyler™ S5, Ep4

“I know, I know. Tom Hardy is just fine, my good man.” Tyler said. He was on the phone with an old friend, who was upset over the choice of Venom. “Listen, listen. I know you don’t like him as Venom, but–” The guy yelled over the phone and Tyler hung up. “He’ll be fine. […]

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High School Tyler S5, Ep3

“I don’t know where this rumor start from” Tyler said. The new crew were looking at a poster that said Here’s a secret exposed! Tyler F is related to Rachel T, and they dated! Gross, right? “I  seriously do not get this” David said. “Who in the world would do this? By the way, this isn’t true, […]

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High School Tyler S5, Ep2

“This is a very, very tricky one” Tyler said. The entire student body. Two people left to join the crew. “Alright, I have David and Rachel, so that’s two people. I need two more people, a guy and a girl. Can’t be all guys, right?” “Um, Tyler? Who are you talking to?” Rachel said. Tyler […]

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