Kevin Storm Episode 3×13

“One last time… One last resort.” Kevin Storm and Lighting walked right into Jade’s palace of evil. His home base where he conduct his schemes and his final plan. “Kevin Storm! What a surprise!” He said, jumping from his throne onto the ground. “Followers! Take the heroes down. And no mercy, kill if you have […]

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Kevin Storm Episode 3×12

Kevin knocked down another door. “Where is he?” He said, until he saw a man with a high tech gun. Kevin blasted it away with his fire and grabbed the guy by his neck. “I have one question to ask you and if you are lying, and I can tell if you are, then your […]

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Kevin Storm Episode 3×11

“I have to be fast if I want to make it on time!” Kevin yelled. He was driving on his motorcycle as fast as he could cause he could not miss this. “Come on, Lock, you’re almost there!!” Kevin parked the bike in the parking lot and ran up to the front of the restaurant, […]

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Kevin Storm Episode 3×10

“Tyler, I need the data codes right now before everything blows up!!” Kevin Storm yelled. “I know, I know! Lighting, how are you with the distress beacon?” “Not coming up!” Lighting dodged another fire bolt, then dodged another water spike. “Somebody, give me the data codes so I can help Lighting out!!” Kevin yelled. “AAHHHH!!!” […]

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Kevin Storm Episode 3×09

“Are you ready, dude?” said Tyler. “This is going to be a hard battle to win.” “Yeah… Yeah, dude. Don’t worry at all. I’m ready.” Kevin had a suit on, as with Tyler and Lily. “Get ready.” Kevin opened up the doors to the courthouse as reporters were all around him, asking him questions. “Kevin […]

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