Nation United- S3, Episode 12

“So, any leads yet?” said Jacob. “None right now” said Tyler. “I mean, this drug is something else. I’ve never heard of this before.” “Well, everyone has. We need to find a way to stop this from killing anyone else.” “Well, I think I can help us find a lead. Come on, we’re going to […]

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Nation United- S3, Episode 11

“How did we get here again?” said Alex. “I mean, I know how but still, how?” “You know. Villain hates us, wanted to see us dead. Likes to play video games, what better than send us to a video game? I always hated Control Freak, ever since I first faced him.” “We all have. Any […]

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Nation United- S3, Episode 10

*Location: Underground; 11:55pm*  “Scar, I am back” said Savage. “Where are you, Attendant?!” “Here, sir” said Scar, running up towards Savage. “I’m here. What do you wish me to do?” “Alert the guards. We have an intruder.” The two turned around and there was Tyler, looking straight at them. *Episode 10- Down and Out* *Location: […]

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Nation United- S3, Episode 9

*Location: Earth-3; Time & Place Unknown* “Wakey, wakey, me. Come on, it’s no fun killing you if you aren’t awake to see it.” Earth-3 Alex ripped off the Elites masks and they woke up. “Where are we?” said Payton. “Someone… Bad” said Earth-3 Ella. The Elites were terrified to see her and even more terrified […]

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Nation United- S3, Episode 8

*Location: Hero Nation HQ; Tyler’s Room* “Alright then, I can do this” said Tyler. “If I’m goin’ do this, then I must get past them.” Tyler teleported outside and self-five himself. “Ty!!” said Alex. “Where are you going, dude?” “Uuuuhhhhhhhhhh….. I don’t know.” *Episode 8: Nation Reversed- Part 1* “Uuuuuuhhhhhhh–” Alex cut Tyler off from […]

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Nation United- S3, Episode 7

“I have to do this” said Savage. “If I can do this right, then it’ll cause a distraction so that the Elites of the Hero Nation won’t focus on me and focus on saving their city. Ha, this must work. Attendant Scar, go out and start the distraction. I’m going away for a few days. […]

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