Noah Episode 3×04

“Listen, we need to find a way to get all of the supplies without Rory noticing about it” Noah said, whispering to Iris. She didn’t whisper. “Why are we whisper? Rory isn’t even close–” “Hello” he said, freaking Iris out. “How does he do that?!” “Ninja” Noah said. “I learned the hard way. Don’t ask.” […]

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Noah Episode 3×03

“Hey, Rory! Iris! Guess what I just got?” Noah said, really excited. “You got an autograph from Markiplier himself?!” Rory said. “James Bond signed your shoes?” Iris said. “No,  not yet. One day, but not yet. No, I just got a job at Chick Fil-A! Yeah!” Rory and Iris went back to their phones. “What? […]

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Noah Episode 3×02

“I am extremely bored” said Ryan, hanging from a flag pole. “I think the blood rushing from my head is starting to effect how I say things at the moment.” “Of course it is!” Yelled Noah. “Iris and I are trying not to die by a crazy guy. The same guy who hung you up […]

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