School Survival- S1, Episode 4

“Hello, everyone” said Rigby. “How are you all today?” “Hey. What made you so happy?” said Chloe. “Yeah. Usually, we have to punch you until you can at least me fake happy. I mean, you’re happy, but never been this mega happy.” said Finn. “Oh my god. Dude, who’s the girl?” “What?” said Chloe. “I […]

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School Survival- S1, Episode 3

“And that’s all the rules for today!” said the Principal. “And questions?” “Yes” said Finn. “I do not know what this is for.” “Well, it’s ‘Help School Staff’ day, of course!” As the students mourned, all of them were assigned groups and a staff. The group had to help the janitor. “Oh well” said Rigby. […]

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Zombie Week 5 Full Trailer

They’re coming back for us all….. They won’t stop until they’ve been defeated forever….. We can’t beat them, not now anyway….. So then, lets shut this crap for awhile. Zombie Week 5 is happening, and this week is the biggest of all the past 4! With High School Tyler, Tyler & The Society, Nation United, […]

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