The Rocketter™ S1, Ep4

A man has been killing innocent people for a few days now. Each day, it’s one more. Started a week ago, with one. Then two, three, and now? It’s a total of 28 people, killed. But not now, because I finally catch who is this person killing them… And I was shocked and surprised at […]

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The Rocketter S1, Ep3

The first day of the job is never easy. But turns out, for me, it was the hardest job I’ve ever worked on before. Stopping a crime is one thing, but saving an entire city? That’s a pretty big job. Especially when it’s your first day of being a hero. Example? Right now. I’m patrolling […]

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The Rocketter S1, Ep2

Struggling, hating, and Shuffling. I don’t know where I am or where I’m going, but I’ve been taken away. Here’s the real question: why me? Because of the Dig Family, or because of its past? I need to know, and fast. Episode 2: Legacy, Part 2  Oliver was taken out of a sack and thrown […]

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The Rocketter Season 1 Premiere!!

This is a different kind of story. I’m a different kind of hero. Sal City, named after my grandfather. My parents don’t talk about him much, even when I mention him. To this day, I’m still wondering why. Wondering, what was so bad about my grandfather that they don’t talk about him. Today, I see […]

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