Tyler & The Society S5, Ep3

“If I’m going to become a hero for this city, then I’ll need a costume, police scanner, weapons, and a ride.” Tyler said, looking at his wall. “Well, I got a ride and a weapon. Now for the police scan…” Tyler looked in his closet and searched for a police scanner, which he found after […]

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Tyler & the Society S5, Ep2

5:26pm, Friday. Tyler’s Bedroom. Tyler’s head was face first into his pillow. He was finally, completely bored. “I hate not being in the Society so much” he mumbled. “Mom? Is there anything I can do today so I won’t be bored?” “Well, you can get dressed for the school carnival tonight” his mother said. He remembered: […]

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Tyler & The Society Episode 4×15

“Let’s make this day our greatest one yet, shall we?” Tyler said. “Bro… I’m with you all the way.” Jason was right behind Tyler as they entered their challenge. “The Last Day of school!!!!” They yelled. All of the students were going nuts with excitement. “Greatest day ever!” Jason said. But elsewhere… “Greatest day ever.” […]

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Tyler & The Society Episode 4×14

As the Society were all laying down, resting after their big battle with Findout over the New Creatures and Tyler was sleeping after saving Jason, all was calm. Until a sound was made. No one woke up, as an infection slithered in and took human form. Walking around, looking at the Society, he said two […]

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